Dielectric Oil Recommendation for Fine-Hole EDM Machining


This week we would like to provide you with a helpful recommendation for optimizing fine-hole drilling operations. In recent testing, we have found the use of Hirschmann IonoPlus 3000 ET dielectric oil to be extremely effective across all modern Makino fine-hole EDM machines (EDGE-Series, EDAF-Series, EDFH-1, UPV-Series, UPN-01). This full synthetic oil does not breakdown or lose dielectric strength properties over time. The “ET” designation refers to “extra thin,” because it has a lighter viscosity for improved flushing characteristics. To check out supporting test data and learn more about improving fine-hole machining operations, check the Makino webinar, “The Fine Art of Micro Hole Machining.”

IonoPlus® dielectric fluids are available now through Single Source Technologies. For more information, click here.

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