Manually Adjusting the Length of a Fine Diameter Tube Electrode


Q: I am running an EDAF2-Fine Hole machine, and I am having difficulty in maintaining flushing through the tube electrode. I purchased longer copper tube electrodes, and then cut them to the proper length. Is there anything I can do to keep from collapsing the inner ID of the electrode?

A: If you cannot find a vendor to supply you with the proper length tube electrodes, you can easily cut down longer electrodes to whatever length is needed. Cutting the tube electrode to the desired length using scissors or cutting pliers can damage or crush the electrode. This can restrict or prevent fluid flow and flushing through the electrode during machining, and the OD may be misshapen and not fit through the guide. The recommended process to cutting a tube electrode is to use a flat hard surface and a straight razor. Roll the electrode across the flat surface with the razor on top and with light pressure. This will cut the electrode to length with minimal damage and distortion to both the ID and OD surfaces. Please see section 2.4 in the Fine Hole Machining Manual for more information.

TubeCutting 4-22-14

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