Increasing EDM Output with Engineering Services


With increasing customer demands for faster lead times with lower manufacturing costs, we’ve seen an increase in requests from EDM shop owners seeking application engineering support.

In many cases, customers ask us to perform a full Turnkey where Makino takes full responsibility for all of the work holding/fixturing methods, NC programming, process optimization, and also the inspection process. Customers can also opt for a Sharekey process wherein they choose which particular engineering services they would like to have Makino provide. The end result is that customers receive a complete EDM process solution that is optimized for greatest productivity, highest achievable quality, and maximum profitability.

To meet demanding customer requirements, shop owners need application engineering services that guarantee cycle times, accuracy, quality, process capability and part cost. In today’s competitive environment, every step matters. That’s why, when you invest in high-performance EDM to boost your wire, sinker or hole-drilling capabilities, you should consider Turnkey or Sharekey engineering services to ensure the highest level of performance and efficiency.

Advantages of Having One Engineering Provider

Turnkey or Sharekey engineering solutions should demystify and simplify your EDM operations by serving as a single resource for:

  • Application engineering
  • Process design
  • Tooling design and building
  • Cost and cycle time guarantees
  • Inspection methods
  • Part inspection with statistical quality control
  • Project management
  • Runoffs and acceptance
  • Technology and process transfer
  • Process restart/recovery procedures
  • Robot automation integration
  • 3rd party equipment integration
  • Full documentation

These engineering solutions can guarantee cycle time, production and throughput rates that help grow your bottom line. Having one provider to work with can be a huge advantage by saving shop owners time and money otherwise spent in coordinating work among several suppliers.

Turnkey and Sharekey engineering services can also provide you with targeted, customized support that helps your shop realize the most value from your own engineering resources. So if your shop only requires one or a handful of the services listed, a turnkey can be developed with the exact resources your shop needs to help increase overall efficiency by enhancing underperforming areas of your shop floor.

What’s the Benefit for Your Shop?

To establish a reputation for making the parts that matter, your business needs to stay on top of changing market conditions. Working with an engineering services provider gives you the instant expertise and flexibility to adapt quickly to changing production volumes, lead time requirements and design engineering changes, while benefiting from improved efficiency and profitability.

When considering engineering services for your EDM applications, determine whether the provider offers:

  1. Single-Source Responsibility: Does the engineering services provider take full responsibility for every solution engagement? As a single source, the provider should apply R&D technology, applications experience and machine manufacturing experience to maximize performance. Does the provider also function as a single-source supplier for tooling or fixture vendors? Look for a provider with a vertically integrated, in-house application engineering service, which often includes fixture design and building.
  1. Access to “soft” resources: Soft EDM machining technologies include valuable knowledge of manufacturing techniques and experience in areas such as just-in-time production processes, total quality management and statistical quality control. Look for an application engineering services provider to deliver effective resources such as ongoing process design, statistical control, programming and continual process optimization.
  1. Freedom to focus on core competencies: You should be able to relax knowing your project will achieve guaranteed cycle times, production rates and throughput. Look for application engineering services that include comprehensive project management to monitor deadlines as well as track and handle all issues to guarantee a more reliable, robust EDM operation.

Be sure to seek out an engineering services provider that has a proven track record and strategic partnerships with leading companies in material handling, tooling and fixtures.

With decades of experience and hundreds of customers served globally, Makino is a leader in providing advanced engineering solutions for EDM applications and beyond. When bidding on your next project, find out how our engineering services can help you optimize processes and win. Visit to learn more.

Has your EDM shop used engineering services to support your business? Share your story with us in comments below!

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