A Q&A on Coated Wires for High-Speed Machining Applications


Q: What is the best type of coated wire to use for high-speed machining applications?

A: There are many different types of coated wires available for high-speed machining applications. The most common type of high-speed coated wire available today is called gamma-phase wires.  The gamma-phase wires represent the newest generation of stratified wire and use a special outer enriched zinc brass coating. The term “gamma phase” actually refers to the metallurgical characteristics of the coating’s brass alloy, which contains even higher levels of zinc than the coating found on older D-type wires. Gamma-phase wires build upon the proven D-type wire technologies and add a double-layer enriched zinc coating to the wire. Gamma-phase wires were designed to further improve machining speeds over D-type wires by cutting 20 to 30 percent faster than plain brass wire. Gamma-phase wire is an excellent choice when wanting to improve cycle times of both good and poor flushing applications.



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