A Q&A on Outputting EDM Machine Pick-Up Cycles


Q: Is it possible to output and save the measurement values that are determined by the wire or sinker EDM machine’s pick-up cycles?

A: In short, yes. The Hyper-i control for both wire and sinker EDM machines have a provision to save and export out the pick-up cycle measurement values. Each of the canned pick-up cycles on the machines have a [REPORT] function that can be accessed by pressing the clipboard icon located within each pick-up cycle.

Once the [REPORT] tab is opened, the operator can see the recorded values for the particular pick-up cycle’s measurement results, and data on the feature size, location, program number, machine coordinate value, and time/date stamp are recorded. The data that is captured and reported can also be customized from within the [REPORT] tab.

All of the data and values that are recorded by the [REPORT] function can be exported from the control in a Microsoft Excel file format (*.csv file). The ability to review and record the pick-up cycle measurement results provides an operator with part data that can be used to verify and potentially minimize post-machine inspection requirements.

During unattended operation, each pick-up cycle can be programmed directly into the NC G-Code so that basic dimensions of the machined detail can be measured. In operation, the pick-up cycle would be executed within the program upon completion of each machined detail, and the measurement result data would automatically be recorded. Once the operation is complete, the operator can review and export the measurement data for all machined features, and can inspect any features that report a less than desired measurement result before removing the work piece from the machine.

The measurement result reporting data is a great tool for a shop to verify detail size. The ability to save and export this data provides an excellent means and metric for statistical process tracking.



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