Identifying Alternate or Replacement Jet Nozzles for Makino Wire EDMs


Looking to change or replace an AWT (Automatic Wire Threading) jet nozzle for your Makino wire EDM machine(s)? There are several different nozzle sizes available based on the desired workpiece start hole diameter of your application. Provided below is a quick reference guide that lists the various nozzle sizes that are available for both Split Guide and PICO Round Guide systems, as well as their respective part numbers for ordering.

Split Guide System:

EDMmatters Image1 6-29-17

  • 2.0mm/0.080” Ø AWT Jet (Mark 10) — Part #Z491J0007000
  • 1.5mm/0.060” Ø AWT Jet (Mark 11) — Part #Z491J0005000
  • 1.0mm/0.040” Ø AWT Jet (Mark 12) — Part #Z491J0006000


PICO Round Guide System:

EDMmatters Image2 6-29-17

  • 1.2mm/0.047” Ø AWT Jet (Mark 1.2) — Part #33EC085A202
  • 0.7mm/0.030” Ø AWT Jet (Mark 0.7) — Part #23EC085A218
  • 0.5mm/0.020” Ø AWT Jet (Mark 0.5) — Part #23EC085A217


For additional service part questions, please visit Makino’s Parts Express Store or call 1-(888)-Makino1 (625-4661).

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