Reducing Sinker and Wire EDM Consumable Costs


A key area for improvement in EDM operations is the reduction of consumables. New technologies and machine settings limit ram or sinker EDM electrode wear to 0.1% while maintaining productive machining speeds. For wire EDM, new low-consumption technologies reduce the biggest expense—the wire itself—by as much as 50 percent.

Makino is an industry leader in low wire-consumption technologies for wire EDM. There are no special settings required to experience savings. Settings have been established and optimized for all wire sizes, materials and cutting conditions, including sealed and poor flush applications, to deliver the best combination of machining speed and low wire consumption.


In sinker EDM processes, wear on the electrode starts as soon as the erosion process begins. As metal is burned away on the workpiece, the electrode too gradually experiences wear and loses its fine details and is dimensionally changed, so minimizing electrode wear is not only critical to reducing costs and lead times, but also improving part accuracy.

From a general sinker EDM perspective, graphite electrode materials provide the most productive machining speed. The wear rate of a graphite electrode depends largely on the size of the detail, the electrode reduction amount, and the power settings used. Positive polarity power settings typically provide low electrode wear, but produce slower machining speeds. Negative polarity power settings provide faster machining speeds, but at the expense of additional electrode wear.


HyperCut technology for sinker EDM is a new generator function from Makino that increases power levels without requiring additional reduction on the electrode. The technology also minimizes electrode wear while providing the fastest possible machining speed. HyperCut improves roughing speeds by up to 30 percent without affecting workpiece accuracy or surface quality. Learn more about sinker EDM techniques for high speed, low electrode wear and fine finish machining in this free webinar.

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