Tech-Tip: Prevent EDM Canister Filter Leaks with Proper Lubrication


Are you experiencing leakage from your EDM machine’s canister filter? Fortunately, there may be a very quick and simple, low-cost solution.

When replacing canister-style filters (outside-in filtration), it is important to lubricate the new filter O-rings on each end of the filter with a di-electric grease or petroleum jelly to prevent damaging or rolling of the O-ring. This is a process that can be easily overlooked during operator or maintenance personnel’s hectic schedules. If left unaddressed, however, the by-passing or leakage of the filter may result in damage to the machine.  As such, be sure to address the issue quickly to prevent any further, and potentially costlier, problems in the future.

EDMmatter Image 6-15-17

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