Where to Find Flush Pots for Sinker EDMs



If you’re having trouble finding sinker EDM flush pots for sale, don’t get too frustrated, as you’re not alone. Commercially sold EDM flush pots are typically difficult to find because they are commonly made and customized for specific needs. However, the good news is that flush pots are easy to manufacture, with variations limited to the external size and internal opening based on the specific needs or application. Provided below is a simple drawing that outlines the basic construction of a flush pot.Mak2

Flush pots are usually hooked up to the machine’s auxiliary flushing or suction connections that are located in the work tank. Depending on the machine and applications being performed, you may find it useful to add an in-line value to fine-tune the fluid flow.

Flush pots can also be highly customized for specific and exact needs, such as punch machining (workpiece is held in the Z-axis), as this process uses an electrode plate mounted on the worktable. Depicted below is an example showing a custom electrode plate with three stations mounted to a custom flush pot with three separate individual flush cavities.



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